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denydiamonds-staygold whispered :

Hi, so I really love how in South Korean fashion there are a lot of oversized shirts and such. I am quite tiny like many Asian/Korean girls I know at 5 feet tall and 85 pounds. I really love the way the oversized shirts look but I'm not sure how to pull it off because I typically wear form fitting things. Any tips on wearing bigger shirts?

Hi there! Wow this is like my first fashion advice so I don’t know if this will be good advice, but I’ll try lol.

As for me, I’m the type that likes to wear your typical t-shirts and as a casual type of person, I really do love the way oversized shirts look too. Personally, I think oversized shirts look great on anybody and it’s just a matter of getting used to them.

You don’t have to go all out with oversized shirts cause they’re casual and cute lol. Maybe you could pair them with shorts and tuck them in or tie them a little shorter. Or you could let it down and let it work as a dress-thing (there’s a girl in my class who always wears Hawaiian shirts like this). You could maybe also pair them with leggings and boots and a beanie. But if you want to go all-out-casual than I’d say just shorts, the shirt, and wear your hair in a bun.

You don’t have to take my advice, but maybe you should experiment and throw some things together. Of course, I’m no fashionista, but I think to be able to wear anything and rock it is to find a style for oversized shirts that fits you and wear it confidently.

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